Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Wedding Inspired by Fashion, Really?

Yes! Really!

Usually, when I meet with clients and explain the angle I work from when creating a new event design concept, namely using current fashion trends as inspiration, they're always quick to get excited about it (especially after seeing past theme swatches). Only recently, when exhibiting at a bridal show, did anyone ever question the connection between the two, the connection between fashion and a creative concept. At first I was quick to dismiss the lack of understanding, it was a gentlemen asking the question after all. ;) But the more I thought about it, the more I appreciated the need to make the connection clear.

Just like fashion and art so naturally lend themselves to one another, same goes for fashion and creative event designs. It's all about beauty and uniqueness and finding that option that's perfectly tailored to you. Just like a dress can be inspired by an artist (think the classic Schiaparelli and Dali connection), an event's design can certainly take shape from a fabric swatch or the latest trend on high fashion runways. And let's not forgot the importance of personalizing an event. What's more you than your personal attire choices?

Still not convinced? Or confused on how to execute? Perhaps an example may help. This time last year I was approached to produce a creative shoot for publication submission to Canada's top luxury wedding mag, WedLuxe. I jumped at the chance and proceeded to tread very carefully with the direction I decided to take. Taking inspiration from the hot textile of the moment, and certainly forever a classic, lace, my mind started to wander to classic fashion and wedding icons. I naturally landed on the timeless elegance of Grace Kelly and her famous lace adorned wedding dress. And so the design was set into motion and shortly thereafter the shoot took place on a cold, dark and damp March day. I loved everything that we did with that creative but being the perfectionist that I am I questioned whether or not the selected design was the right one. A month later Kate Middleton, with the world watching, walked down the aisle in a Grace Kelly inspired gown. What major confirmation! Did I mention one of the images made the cover of WedLuxe? ;)

For those of you who work better with visuals, here is the textile swatch that started it all and a few images from that shoot. Hope this helps to clarify things...can fashion really inspire an event's creative design? Abso-fricken-lutely! ;)

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